Entrepreneurs May Have Irritating Syndrome SASS

Know one of those brilliant brains that can’t have a sustained human conversation because their mind races too fast? They may suffer from a not-so-rare disorder. And you hold the cure – if you print out the following article and hand them a copy.

Entrepreneur SASS
(With permission from Utah Valley Business Q)

We may have an epidemic among us. At the next networking meeting you attend, wash your hands immediately afterward – maybe five times for good measure. Despite medical evidence to the contrary, a previously thought incommunicable disease is spreading faster than copies of Who Moved My Cheese?

The disease is Short Attention Span Syndrome, or SASS.

Perhaps someone you know and love is affected. Perhaps you yourself have noticed some of the following symptoms.

-Shifting in your seat and coughing just a little too loudly during a boring meeting.
-Saying to your significant other, I’m sorry, honey, could you repeat that? I wasn’t paying attention.
-Going to sleep while mentally rifling through a mile-long to-do list

Many with these symptoms joke, “I must have ADD!” However, only 4 to 8 percent have the genetic condition referred to as ADD – more correctly termed ADHD, – which is present from birth and, while treatable, is permanent. The dreaded disease of SASS, on the other hand, develops over time.

Symptoms begin to appear around the teenage years and slowly accelerate until they become a frenzy of activity and mental noise. SASS is viral. It passes from manager to employee, from spouse to spouse, from parents to children and from children to parents.

Most common is the passing of SASS from entrepreneurial types: business owners, risk-tasking executives, sales professionals, visionaries. Entrepreneurs develop SASS themselves, typically in the incubator of their own ever-changing minds. While most everyone has a lot to do, entrepreneurs have the tendency to pick up a lot more “To-Dos” than the average person. They then pass the virus on to those around them.

Entrepreneurs pass SASS to their employees in the form of altered objectives, multi-tasking, bold initiatives, training meetings, revised agendas, organizational restructuring, innovation after innovation, and of course, more meetings. They pass it on, unable to listen to the comments of others as they continue to create more to-dos in their mind.

Then they return to the quiet of their own homes and continue to think about more changes and more To-Do’s deep into the night. They are often oblivious to the peas and carrots on their plate and the 8-year-old wanting to play Bob the Builder.

There is hope. SASS is a curable condition. Those afflicted by SASS usually have developed an altered sense of reality. Recommended therapy is as follows.

First, have the subject look in a mirror. Ask them, How many of you are there? Sometimes, the SASSy individual thinks outside the box to the point that they insist there are two of them. In this case, have them repeat 50 times the phrase, “There is only one of me. There is only one of me.”

Second, have the subject look at a clock. At the beginning of a minute, ask the subject to count each second as it passes. At the end of the minute, as them how many seconds there were. If the number is anything other than 60, repeat this exercise 59 times. At the end of the hour, ask them how many minutes there were. If necessary, repeat this exercise another 23 times and ask them about hours in the day.

Finally, find the subjects calendar. They may have more than one calendar. Explain to them that, since there is only one timeline in the real world, they can only have only one calendar. Next, look for double-bookings. Again, explain to them in a firm but loving tone that, since there is only one of them, they can only be in one place at a time. If travel time is not properly scheduled, explain to them that, since faxing one’s self has yet to be invented, they will be unable to magically teleport from location to location.

As therapy continues, SASSy entrepreneurs will gradually overcome their delusion that their disease makes them more productive. They will come to learn the truth of the proverb, “man who chases two chickens catches none.”

There is hope for the SASSy entrepreneur. With your help and the help of professionals, they can and most often do come back to reality.

Would you say that the words “credit card bad debt”

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Comparing Article Marketing Robot vs Automatic Article Submitter

In this article, I want to talk about article marketing as a system to generate hundreds of leads a day. When choosing a software for article marketing, I did my due diligence and tested all the top products on the web. What most people don’t realize is that article marketing can generate thousands of leads and only takes about 1 hour a day to market.Article marketing is almost impossible if you are writing articles and submitting them to ezine and other directories manually. When looking at software for article marketing it is important to look at a few differnet aspects; How many articles does it submit to? How easy is it to use? How many of these articles get accepted after submitting? How hands free is the software? And most importantly, what is the page-rank of the article directories that the software is submitting to? One of the other most important questions to address when you’re about to buy an article submitter is “How popular are the article directories that you will be submitting to?”

When looking at different software to buy, a good article submitter should cost around $98 dollars…some a little less, some a little more.. When you have a flawless and reliable marketing software, you can generate thousands of leads and sales on auto-pilot.

Article submission can be a great tool to generate a good google page rank for your business. The more links we have on the internet (in our articles), the higher our google page-rank will be for our primary website.. When you submit your articles to different directoires, the higher the page rank of the directoires are…the higher your website will rank.. The better the page ranks are are on the article directories that you submit to, the higher the page-rank will be for your primary website that is linking from all of these. These hundreds of backlinks that you generate will send you flying to the top of google.

I want to compare in this article the two most popular article submission softwares.; Automatic Article Submitter and Article Marketing Robot.

When making a final decision about which article submitter software to buy, I ended up purchasing “Article Marketing Robot” and here are a few of the rationale why.


Article Marketing Robot allows you to.

-Publish your articles on 2,000 sites all through the same program

-Has over 450 directories that are Google page-rank 1 and above

-Has a very effective text spinner built into it.

-Confirms all the emails and even fills out all the CAPTHA images for you hands-free if you have an account set up for $10 with decaptcher.com


-I have no complaints over the last 4 months of using article marketing robot. The learning curve can take a few days to overcome but after that it is very very easy to use. Finding the right servers for your email can take a few Google searches to find and can be challenging at first. You will need to look up on Google the email Pop3 servers for either your gmail, yahoo or personal hosted email address to enter into the system.

I will be talking more about “Setting Up A Pop3 Server” in the future under the “Article Marketing Category” in this blog.

How does Automatic Article Submitter compare to Article Marketing Robot?

Automatic article submitter lacks the same impact that article marketing robot has:

-300 directories to submit to

-Only 150 directories are the best quality pr 1 and above.

-Does not fill in the CAPTHA images automatically

-You must manually do a lot of the submitting and work.

Both pieces of software submit the articles to the same top places but article marketing robot offers a lot more options,.

Some people will tell you that Automatic Article Submitter will submit your articles to “better” directories but I compared the listings and Article Marketing Robot actually submits to more high quality articles and the same ranked 5 and 6 directories.

When it comes down to choosing a software, article marketing robot always remains my software of choice.. After many hours of research and even trying out both pieces of software, Article Marketing Robot offers more features, better and more article directories to use and it is a lot more convenient to use with all of its vast features.

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